In English is a nonprofit supporters’ shop specialized in European history and culture. By purchasing our products you are also supporting the work that our association does to sustain the Nordic traditions.

Our range of products includes items such as books, magazines, stickers, music and clothing. Several books in our selection are written in English, covering topics such as history, ideology and survival.

If you wish to order products from webshop please follow the steps below:

1. Get acquainted with our products in

Our mission is to provide our customers various types of products from clothing and political literature to nutritional supplements, personal hygiene, cleaning and sports products. We are constantly expanding our product range and the more we sell the greater we can expand. Buying everyday products from us means less money to forces hostile towards our people.

If you are a reseller or just want to buy large quantities for personal use feel free to ask for a discount.

All products are available to foreign customers unless otherwise stated. However, can not guarantee that the products comply with local laws and regulations. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the ordered products comply with local laws and regulations.

We are grateful for all feedback related to the quality of our products and services.

2. Three simple things: link, number, size

We want to make the shopping experience of our foreign customers is simple as possible. Just add a link of the product and mention the number of items and the size that you want. If the size that you need is currently out of stock more products can be purchased if needed.

3. Send an e-mail to

Since we receive a large number of customer e-mails we prefer to use a complete e-mail template just to simplify and speed up our service. The right title is particularly important as it facilitates the management of a large number of e-mails.

Send an e-mail to kauppa[at]

Use the following form:

Subject: KADULLE.COM – [YOUR COUNTRY]: [your first name and surname]

NAME: (your first name and surname)
E-MAIL: (email address where we can reach you)
PHONE: (phone number from where we can reach you)
ADDRESS: (address where your order will be delivered)
ZIP CODE: (postal code of your address)
CITY: (city where your order will be delivered)
COUNTRY: (country where your order will be delivered)

Haluan tilata seuraavat tuotteet:

1. Link to product 1, number, size
2. Link to product 2, number, size
3. Link to product 3, number, size

If your order contains clothes or any other items with different sizes available then choose the size, the number of products and a link to the product. If you wish to order different sizes and numbers of the same product then mark them separately. If there is only one size then mark only the number of products. Available sizes are listed in the scrollbar (’Koko’). Available number of products are listed in the scrollbar with number. Prices are in Euros.

Subject: KADULLE.COM – SWEDEN: Adolf Olson Wrote:NAME: Adolf Olson

E-MAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: +46 123 456 789
ADDRESS: Tyrvägen 88
ZIP CODE: 123456

Haluan tilata seuraavat tuotteet:

1., 1, L
2., 2, M
3., 1
4., 5

4. Order confirmation, price and payment

Upon the receipt of your order we will send you an order confirmation. With the order confirmation you will receive a price calculation (including the shipping cost), receipt and order number. The shipping cost is approximately 9,90 euros.

Transfer the required amount to the bank account of webshop. Type your order number to the message field.

Banking information:

Receiver name: Pohjoinen Perinne ry
IBAN: FI68 5132 0520 1824 86

Address information:

Pohjoinen perinne ry
PL 59
01301 Vantaa

Once we have received a confirmation that the funds have been transferred to our account we will send the order. Delivery time is about one week.

5. Cancellation and refund

If you are a consumer you have the right to cancel your order under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act by notifying us no later than 14 days after you have received the goods.

The withdrawal notice must be sent by e-mail to kauppa[at]

The right of withdrawal only applies to products which are packed in original packaging. They should be unused and properly packaged for repatriation.

In the case of your cancellation you must return the goods to our Return Address below without delay at least 14 days after the cancellation notice. If necessary, you must be able to prove (for instance with the return receipt) that the goods have been returned within the time limit.

Return address:

Pohjoinen perinne ry
PL 59
01301 Vantaa

Please provide your name and contact information as well as your account number for the refund of your payment. The money is returned as quickly as possible. We will refund the shipping cost but not the refund cost.